Brian Anthony Scarpone

October 24, 1984 - August 19, 2011
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Wednesday 8/24

Brian Anthony Scarpone, 26, of Bridgeville, formerly of Center Township, passed away unexpectedly on Friday, August 19, 2011, at his home. Born October 24, 1984, in San Diego, Calif., he was a son of Dawn E. (Schmidt) DeLucca and her husband, Carl, of King George, Va., and Richard Scarpone and his wife, Kaye, of Gulfport,Continue Reading

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Kylie left a message on March 26, 2018:
Hey dad. I've been thinking about you a lot lately it's been a long time since you passed away. I still have this feeling that any minute you would be coming home and hugging me and saying hello. But I can't hug you because I cannot see you. I know you're in my heart and that is where you will always be. Love you and miss you as always.
Kylie Scarpone left a message on August 19, 2014:
I remember he said his fish bit him but he cut him self at work
Dana Watson left a message on September 9, 2013:
It was an adventure growing up with Brian. I known him since he was 5 or 6 years old and we would always have so much fun together. I ran around playing with him like I was one of the boys. I will never forget on his 11th birthday when he found his iguana that escaped months earlier. On his birthday he found it in the backyard with most of the tail missing. We also had many camping trips together with our families and he was as close to a brother to me as somebody can be without the same blood. His passing is very sad but maybe god thought he was so awesome that he needed him there. He will truly be missed and never forgotten!
Momma left a message on October 18, 2012:
Well it's almost your 28th Birthday. This just is not right. Brian I miss you more and more each day. I have such a hard time functioning normal from Oct to Jan. I miss you being here. I never knew anything could hurt this much. I love you Bubba Scoot!!!XOXOXXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO
Momma left a message on August 24, 2012:
Well I'm here in Pittsburg to grieve your loss a year ago. Little did I know I would be here for my sisters funeral. Heidi and you are together now with Grandma. I hope your all loving paradise. I'm still here in Pittsburg, and going to Burgh's by your apartment tomorrow to be near you. Life just isn't the same honey and never will be again. Time does not help. I just miss you more. Love you baby, Momma
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Amy Schmidt-Peters left a message on August 13, 2012:
"B"........Its been almost a year! The memories of you this past year stings with tears often! I miss you so much and how you always made me laugh and smile! I can't even make cauliflower without thinking of you every single time! Love, Auntie Amy
i what my bother here here left a message on June 25, 2012:
here be my beth man wen i geht married someday i need him i have kids he up be get a gf
Wayne "Double Dub" Watterson left a message on May 19, 2012:
Brian, I just found out the news two days ago when I got on facebook for the first time in forever. I came to your page to see how things were going with you, and was stunned in disbelief to see people saying goodbye to you. I was laying on the bed with my wife and just v-lined to the bathroom and sat on the damn toilet and cried for an hour brother. I can't believe this! Nobody knows what happened to you man. I was back in the US one month before you died visiting last year, and had planned to renew my license and was gonna drive up to meet you, the license didn't work out b/c there were no appointments, so I just blew it off, didn't even call you man. I'm so sorry about that, I know we had talked about meeting for a long time. You don't know how much people loved you man, you were a hilarious guy and life of the party. You were also a stand up guy, great father, and loyal friend. High School years were tough times for me with my mother's death and all kinds of family chaos, I was so glad to spend so much time with you man. I just wish I knew what happened to you bro, nobody knows, but no matter what, we can't forget you. God bless your daughter Kylie and family. Till we meet on the other side, One Love, Wayne #2 ps. Next time I'm in the PA vicinity I will be coming through to see you. RIP my brother.
Momma left a message on May 2, 2012:
OK Brian been too long. It never hurts less it just keeps hurting more and more. Life just isn't life without you Bubba! Don't you ever worry cause there isn't a day that goes by I wish for a hug and your quick love ya Ma. I miss our talks on the phone and hearing about school. I'm going to visit Kylie soon I hope having a hard time saving up the money to go. But no worries I'll get there. I just wish she was coming to see you for the summer and I could have just one more summer with you and her. I love you gotta run shaking too bad to type. Love you Miss you!!!
richard l scarpone left a message on May 2, 2012:
he is good to me befor he passaway he make where one nic no me he pass away wereone is a dick to is big bother he love me alway he passaway or dad is a big dick to us and your step dad and bother are being asshot and big dick to us and he donot help or mother old all the time we the bigs dick of tam all. from richard l scarpone
Momma left a message on December 29, 2011:
Christmas will never be Christmas without you sweetheart. I am just so broken without you baby!
Amy Schmidt-Peters left a message on October 25, 2011:
Oooo 'B'....Happy Birthday too you! Today, like most, the tears can not stop flowing. I miss you so bad that my heart aches. I have been dreading writing this for 2 mnths!!! What I wouldn't give to have one more arm-pit hug or for you to tell me to 'harness the chee'. When you were a little boy (12 or 13) I begged your mom if I (& Scott) could have you. I even set up my spare bedroom for you and everything....but of course she said NO!!! But years later, I had the great opportunity of you living in my basement for a 5 mnths! My girls still talk about how you would take them for nature walks down to 7 Bridges on Sundays and how you would let them help you wash your car. My favorite (your worse) is..... we allllll know how hard Brian is to get up in the mornings and on those lovely mornings, my girls would bounce balls off the floor to make it sound like the floor was gonna cave in....well within seconds, Brian would be up those steps WIDE AWAKE and getting ready for work! Not in the best mood of course, but it worked! I have Charlie here with me and everyday I wonder if I have your approval of how well I take care of her. You of all people know how much I love her and I will always do my best to take care of her the way YOU would of wanted. I love any miss you 'B'......Harness the Chee my friend!!!
Mandy Chacra left a message on October 24, 2011:
Happy Birthday Bri Bri. I miss you more then you could ever imagine. I have been holding off writing on this page because i couldn't pick just one of my favorite memories... so i picked three... yeah yeah i know i procrastinated and didn't do what you asked me to. But here are my stories We took Katie and Josh to the zoo... we were being very big nerds, and reading all the signs by every animal. When we got to the penguins, you were hugging me from behind resting your chin on my head, like you have done so many times. I was reading you the sign out loud... and I read over the part that says, penguins mate for life... you lifted my chin and told me, i was your penguin and you kissed me. Another one of my favorite memories, we were driving back from a date, and I was dropping you off at Amy's house, you had me pull over by baseball field first. You put the CD in you had just made me... and put on track number 14, Flightless Bird by Iron and Wine, our song. You turned it up real loud, walked over to my side of the car, pulled me out, and slow danced with me for the whole song... you even replayed it and danced with me a little longer. One of my most favorite memories was the time you told me that you loved me... We were sitting outside of Amy's house, after a date. You looked at me and said... "I know you have something to tell me, just say it." I was so confused and had no idea what you were talking about. Ok, i was playing coy.. this went on for another 5 maybe even 10 mins, before you finally looked at me and said... "I love you, and You love me... and i know we are gonna spend the rest of our lives together." I miss you so much Bean pole...
Serena McClure left a message on October 24, 2011:
Well's your birthday and I'm sure everyone is missing you more than ever...I know I am. I have soo many childhood memories with you. The holidays are going to be soo tough without you because even if we went a long time without hanging out I could always count on the holidays to spend time with my cuz!! You were very family oriented and I think that was one of the qualities that people admired most of you. I'll be thinking of you all day today and will definitely drink a cold one for you!!! Love and miss you more than you know.... Big Rene
Adena & Stevie left a message on September 28, 2011:
I can't express the words to explain how this has affected and changed so many peoples lives. Honey, Stevie and I have always loved you and will miss you forever . May your soul rest in peace.
Dawn DeLucca left a message on September 10, 2011:
Brian you were taken from me way too soon. It's just not the proper order of life. Kids are supposed to bury their parents. I've always said I don't think I could ever live through losing a child and now I know just how hard it is and I can't even explain the pain, the sense of loss, despair, and heartache I feel to see you again. I was robbed of that. I love you my darlin boy and I always will. Love Momma
Greg and Lauren left a message on September 9, 2011:
Brian was always the life of the party. He was fun to have around he always made me laugh. He was a good dad and was always nice to our kids and grand kids. He will be sadly missed and we will always remember him forever. love Greg Lauren
Serena McClure left a message on September 7, 2011:
Brian... There are soo many good stories to tell about you. Family gathering will NEVER be the were the light in every crowd. You knew how to make sure that everyone was always having fun. My kids will also miss you...Gavin is always telling me that one day he is going to be HUGE like Brian. You were just an all around good person and I'm going to miss you more than words can describe. Rest Easy Bri..... Your cousin, Serena
Jennifer Jennings left a message on September 5, 2011:
Dawn -- I am so sorry to hear this news. If you need anything, let me know. I really don't know what else to say. I can't imagine your hearache. Your are in my thoughts and prayers
Sherri Snyder Weber left a message on August 29, 2011:
Scrap, I am so sorry to hear about your son's passing. My deepest sympathies go out to you and your family. You'll be in my prayers that God helps you thru your time of mourning. Sher
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Rachel Williams left a message on August 25, 2011:
I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Renae Miller left a message on August 25, 2011:
We are all so very sorry for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family during this difficult time. Brian and Katies friends from MWH Outreach Lab, Renae Miller Robin Windsor Jennifer Washington Shari McIntyre Sheena Moss Toni Bastain
Rich & Connie Vincenzini left a message on August 23, 2011:
We are so very sorry for your loss and will pray for your family and friends.
Simpson Funeral Home left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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