Joseph A. Marksteiner

September 23, 1942 - February 11, 2012
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Joseph A. Marksteiner, Sr., 69, of Potter Twp., passed away Saturday morning, Feb. 11, 2012 at his residence. Born Sept 23, 1942, in McKeesport, he was a son of Laura Marksteiner and the late Albert Marksteiner. In addition to his mother, he leaves his wife of 48 years, Rebecca M. Marksteiner; a son, Joseph A.Continue Reading

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Patricia & Scott Kearney left a message on February 26, 2012:
Please accept our condolences. The loss of a loved one is never easy. We hope you get some comfort knowing that he is in a better place.
Christine Olszanski (Marksteiner) left a message on February 21, 2012:
Summarizing 69 years of the life of a simple man named Joe Marksteiner Sr. was not a simple task. Words do not exist to describe the wonderful son, husband, father, brother, uncle and friend that he was. Sunday evening my mother, brother, sisters, nephews and nieces gathered and talked about special moments, events and memories with Daddy. We all agreed that he was a passionate man. He woke up early every day with a smile on his face. He was happy and spread cheer to those around him. He loved his life and lived each day to the fullest. He always said, "It's been a great ride." Today I'd like to share a few of his greatest passions during his ride. God: A wise friend once commented that just because you are standing in a garage doesn't make you a mechanic. Daddy's religion followed this logic. Being an altar boy, kneeling in a church and attending mass did not make him religious. He found God in nature and the world around him. He was prayerful and honest. Daddy helped, supported and loved others. His actions and faith were not confined to Sunday mass. He tried to walk in the footsteps of Christ each day. He encouraged his children to pray at meal time and each evening. To his final days Daddy kissed our foreheads and said, "Prayers". We responded with the sign of the cross before scooting off to bed to say our prayers prior to falling asleep. People: Wife, Children, Parents, Grand Children & Family - Everyone who knows our family feels the warmth, love and openness that Daddy passed on to each of us. Growing up in a home with parents who held hands frequently and never departed one another's presence without saying "I love you" and sharing a kiss served as the example that we all followed. Mommy and Daddy didn't need words to know what the other was thinking. Looking into their eyes, the message was always clear. Daily acts of love and kindness such as warming the towels for one another, kept their love strong. Daddy was so loved by Grandma and Pap. Daddy followed in his father's footsteps to become the great man that we loved. He was Grandma's lifeline after Pap passed away. Grandma has been so strong. She suffers the pain of losing a child. We are all in God's plan during our existence here and we will all be together again. Visitors to our home are often confused by the names that they hear. One way that Daddy expressed his affection was by giving us each a unique nick-name. This likely began because Grandma and Pap called him Mick, When Mommy and Daddy were dating, Mommy was always looking for a person Mick, believing that Daddy had a brother. Later in their relationship she realized that Mick was Joe. Most folks are familiar with the nick names for Mom, Sweetie Pie and "LTD", Little Tiny Deigo. Joey was called Beuford. Due to my petite size at birth, I earned the name Babydoll. Many people have asked, "What is a Monkin?" My sister's real name is Becky Sue. Debbie was nicknamed Stinky because of her less than fragrant diapers. Each of the grandchildren have been named as well ... Stick, Baby Brat, The Kid, Nuttin, Happy Jack, Dirty Girty, Tipper, George, Jessica Bell, Fred and Buddy. The grandchildren know who they are. Daddy expressed his affection to each of us during all of the experiences, adventures and celebrations that we shared over the years. He wanted to write a note saying how blessed he was and asked Mom to write down his words. The following comments were expressed by him. "I am so blessed with my family and my life. I am so blessed with my kids. I love them. I know I was strict but I hope I was a good Dad. I am so proud of all of you. All of my grandchildren are special." Looking at the pride in his face on the photo board of the grandchildren as he proudly took his picture with the new babies says it all. Dad wanted someone to read his words today. I am proud to be strong enough to honor his wish. He did parent with a heavy hand. Spankings were given as deserved and we were instructed to cry with our mouths shut. Monkin thought that spankings were a part of the church program. Hearing "Sit in your room and wait until your Father gets home" was not a pleasant afternoon. Curfews were mandated. Dirty language was not tolerated. We learned to be respectful, obedient and honest. He taught us discipline and so many values that have helped us all to become great parents with successful careers. Each of us hopes to be a fraction of the parent that Dad & Mom have been. Most people have fathers. We were blessed with a DADDY. Celebrations - Dad LOVED Joyful occasions - People, food, beer & wine He enjoyed a house full of people to celebrate the seasons and holidays. Halloween - Taking his kids and then his Grandkids to the Potter Twp Community Banquet was a special treat. Daddy trick-or-treated for beer, sausage and pepperoni bread while the kids filled their bags with candy. Christmas Eve - Dad enjoyed the Christmas celebration at Grandma Scarmack's house in Farrell, PA. Playing cards and drinking Deigo Red, the family home-made wine, often led to multiple Santa Sightings along the trip back to Potter. Dad would claim to be looking for Santa as wine surged through his system. Assembling Christmas presents in the evening was always an interesting task. Christmas Day - Daddy banged the pots and pans to loud Christmas carols to rouse the troops on Christmas morning. I can still hear him singing Jingle Bells. Opening presents was so exciting. One year no presents were placed under the main tree. We were so sad that Santa thought we were too bad to leave even 1 gift. We were elated to discover that Santa had left the presents in the basement under the "rejected crooked tree". New Year - Famous sauerkraut and pork Easter - Chief Easter Bunny - dyed the eggs and baked the pineapple ham. Summer - Pool parties, picnics, pig roasts - Grill Chef Daddy always said that the pool pass was free and warned us not to pee in the Poo because it will turn the water pink. Driving Trucks - since 1978 (34 years) - "Love what you do and you will not work a day in your life." Daddy was so proud of the successful business that he created. He enjoyed the people, maintenance, hauling and driving. People knew he was an outspoken strong man with a warm and gentle heart. Honesty and loyalty created many great relationships. Fishing - The big fish did not get away. Dad was so proud of the 94", 130# sword fish that he caught in Florida in 1967. The fish graced the wall of the living room for the majority of the 48 years that Mom and Dad have been married. In his final days as Joey was told to place the wine behind the couch beneath the fish, Dad was quick to remind Joey to take care and "Watch the fish!" Pappy was so proud to take the grandsons to Erie. Jack, caught the largest fish last year. Pappy was so proud that the photo was placed above his desk. A Marksteiner fisherman knows that the secret is all in how you hold your mouth. The boys will be happy to demonstrate the correct position. Camping & Boating- Dad loved the outdoors. Frequent trips to Pymatuning were common in the summer. He hauled the pop up camper and boat. Our Dog and stow away cat joined the party. We learned to swim as we were tossed into the water from the boat and the difference between skunks and kitties. Hunting - Buck, Doe, Turkey, Ducks, Rabbit ... Bow & Musket Deer hanging is a common occurrence in the fall once hunting season begins. Dad enjoyed the sport and was proud to share the experience with his son and grandsons. Antlers, deer hides, skulls and turkey mounts decorate the Man Cave in our home. The girls did not hunt but my favorite story was the arrival and trial of Dad's musket gun. The blast from our front yard stirred the neighborhood with concern of Shippingport blowing up. Dad enjoyed target practice and loud bangs. He addressed Bee Removal with my Great Uncle Bud by filling the hole with gasoline and setting a fire cracker to blow out the bees. I wonder how the neighbors reacted to that BOOM! Gardening - Time to plant the garlic ... even in a snow storm on Thanksgiving. Dad and Uncle Bud bellowed with joy and laughter as they put the heads into the snow covered soil. The magic to planting at the Marksteiner house was the sticks and string. Straight lines were a requirement. All of the children and grandchildren have learned to plant tomatoes, beans, zucchini and peppers. Daddy was proud of the plants, sharing the harvest & processing all for storage. The fragrance of sauce filled our house. Attending the Brady's Run Syrup Festival was also a favorite event to attend with the family. Another family tradition was to pull the stems from the grapes and mash them into the Marksteiner Merlot. Pets - Fuzzy, Tippy, Gus & Sophi, adopted dogs from the airport + Hunting dogs Heidi, Sam & Freckles - Dad loved all of his dogs. Mom never knew what he would bring home from work. Turtles, fish, rabbits and cats .. we have had a pet store of animals over the years. Dad will be greatly missed by our current dog, Sophie. Mom has taken over the daily rub downs. One of Dad's favorite stories was when his hunting dog, Mable, ate Joey's sandwich from his hand during a hunting excursion. I could write books about Dad's dog stories. Travel - Because of Dad's early career with United Airlines, we were fortunate to be able to travel as a family. October 1, 1971 the Opening Day at Disney World is a part of our home movies. Trips to California, Nevada and Hawaii were incredible privileges. Mom & Dad enjoyed a cruise to Alaska in 2010. Flying in the sea plane over the mountains and water with Mom as they saw the beautiful landscape was one of the greatest recent highlights of Dad's life. Photos of him in and next to the plane are on the photo board. The other trip that Dad spoke highly of was the 2 month period that he and Mom shared in Florida. Without the daily distractions of work, family and home, they celebrated each day being together and rediscovering the love that started many years before. Dad realized that being with Mom was the greatest blessing of all. He expressed these sentiments to many people upon their return. Music - Polka Sunday, Opera & Rock - Dad loved music - LOUD! The 3 Tenors Plácido Domingo, José Carreras, and Luciano Pavarotti, Mario Lanza, Fiddler on the Roof, Funky Town, Hey Jude, Frankenstein, Little Bird, Manheim Steam Roller were frequently audible on the street. Laughing - Humor, sarcasm & jokes - Daddy enjoyed good jokes and playing. He goofed around. Photos show him running through the snow playing a bongo drum, wearing a dread lock wig, funny hats and glasses. He and my brother wore real tails to my wedding rehearsal to simulate the tails for the tuxedo. Each of the children and grandchildren have been flipped over his shoulders. Daddy loved the snow and making snowmen and sledding. He taught the grandchildren how to play poker. Everyone in the family is familiar with the BING. The greatest thing was that no one ever knew what he was going to do. Daddy was spontaneous and made people laugh. Daddy put the Ha into HAPPY and his whole heart into loving those who surrounded him. Time shared with Dad was an immense gift. The world is changed forever because of the passions that he shared with each of us. In honor of Dad I hope that we can follow his path, sharing his passion for life. Thank God for every day and live like there is no tomorrow ... LOVE, LAUGH, PRAY & PLAY.
Kim (Servick) Kovalesky left a message on February 17, 2012:
My condolences to the Marksteiner family. I was a friend of Becky's from high school and always had an enjoyable time when I was at your home. My prayers are with you all during this difficult time.
Gerti and a relatives from Tirol left a message on February 16, 2012:
In the name from Uncle Loisl (as the head from our big Familiy here) I have the duty to say you: Joseph is not there, were he was, but he is always there, where you are. we wish you all power to manage your further life without your Son, Husband, Father and Brother. Our deepest Sympathy for you all. Your Tirolean cousins and uncles and aunt. Gerti
Bull and Georgia Davis left a message on February 14, 2012:
To the Family of Joe Sr. We are so sorry we could not come to the Funeral Home but please know that we want to express our deepest sympathy. I will always remember that smile and a wave from his big truck and also the friendly hello and how are as I went for my daily walk on Mowry Road. Praying that Our Father in Heaven will give you comfort in this sad time of your lives.
Planning ahead is prudent. Call us now.
Kathy Bloom left a message on February 14, 2012:
Dear Becky and family, So sorry to hear of your loss; I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Kathy
Jer, Andy, Brandon and Griff Fallston Kwik Fill left a message on February 14, 2012:
Our heart felt prayers go to the family, Joe was a truly nice man and always had a laugh. Joe will be missed by all who knew him.
Suzy Coulter left a message on February 14, 2012:
My condolences to your whole family. Had so much fun as a kid visiting all of you in Potter Twp. & Center Twp. Still remember the big fish on the wall! My dad & mom (Mickey & Sandi) send their condolences from their home in Florida too.
Kathy & Greg Smith, Vernon, VT left a message on February 14, 2012:
Dear Joe & Family, We will always remember your Dad. He had a great laugh and a wonderful smile. He always seemed happy whenever we saw him. We will miss him very much. Love Kathy & Greg
Rich & Coreena Bailey left a message on February 14, 2012:
Joey and family. So sorry for your loss he will be truly missed by many.Our thoughts and prayers for you and your family.
Bruce and Denise Stickley left a message on February 14, 2012:
Our deepest sympathy on the loss of your dad and my friend.Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this very difficult time.
Bob & Cathy Scarmack left a message on February 14, 2012:
We have not lost Joe, we have simply lost contact with him for awhile. Until we see him again, he will be Truly missed. Beck & Family, you are in our thoughts & Prayers. I know he is bragging away to the Angels about his Wonderful Earthly Family.
Melanie Allen left a message on February 14, 2012:
To Joe, Jennifer, Shawn, Nathan, Kalyn and all your family... You have been and will continue to be in my thoughts & prayers. I am so sorry you have lost a very special person in your lives.
Jo and Pat Greany left a message on February 13, 2012:
Our hearts are with you at this time. We will all miss Joe's wonderful smile and sense of humor. May God's presence be with you in a special way that provides peace and comfort as you honor Joe during the Mass tomorrow.
The East Fairfield Coal Company left a message on February 13, 2012:
Please accept our condolences for the passing of Mr. Marksteiner. We wish the best for the family.
Sherry DeRhodes left a message on February 13, 2012:
Dear Joey & family, I am so sorry to here of Joe's passing. He sure gave it a good fight. I will always remember what a kind gentleman he was. Joe never complained and always had a smile. I have prayed for him everyday, now my prayers are with your family until you are reunited in heaven. I am so sorry for your loss!
Jim & Mary Kaye Shutt left a message on February 13, 2012:
Joey & Jennifer So sorry to hear of the passing of your Father. Jim really enjoyed working with him. You are all in our Thoughts & Prayers. Jim (Picker) & Mary Kaye
Martha Boothe left a message on February 12, 2012:
My deepest sorrow to your family for the great loss that you have on this day. May God comfort you now and ease the pain with the promise and knowledge that you will be together with him again in the next world to come.
Kevin Lander Family left a message on February 12, 2012:
Dear Joe, Jen, Shawn, Nathan, and Kalynn: We are so sorry to hear of your father/grandfather's death. He is finally at pain, no suffering, and no sorrow. May God give you the comfort and peace you need at this very difficult time. You are in our prayers. All our love, Kevin, Denise, Dustin, Kori, and Dalton
Simpson Funeral Home left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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