Jovita D. Gonzalez

January 5, 1949 - June 14, 2013
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Jovita D. Gonzalez, 64 of Center Twp. passed away Friday, June 14, 2013 at her home. She was born January 5, 1949, a daughter of the late Joseph and Elvira (Montequin) Gonzalez and grew up in the Aliquippa area. She is survived by two sons: Brain and Matthew Dolnack and grandchildren: Samantha, Joshua, Alexandra, Sarah,Continue Reading

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Kristie Dolnack left a message on December 15, 2017:
It's been almost 5 years since my wella passed away, and I miss her more than anything
Brian Dolnack left a message on July 12, 2013:
I stand before you all today by the request of my Mother, Jovita, Dolorous Gonzalez.( A.K.A Wella) My Mother was a wonderful woman who had a heart of gold and loved to help those in need. Because of this, she became a nurse for over 40 years and loved her job, and in the course of this time, she touched many lives from within this profession. She taught my brother Matt and I how to live life. She instilled morals and values in us that we have carried with us up until this point, and we will continue to carry them with us throughout the rest our lives. We have been instilling these morals in her grandchildren who she loved dearly. She was always teaching the girls the right way to apply makeup and showing them what the latest fashion style was. She taught them what jewelry went with what and how to mix and match it all, while her only grandson sat rolled his eyes. However, she knew what his forte was and mingled that in just like a chef adds garnish to complete her most exquisite dish. She knew exactly what to say to each grandchild in order to get a response out of them, and it did not take long before those frowns turned into huge smiles thanks to her. She was known as Wella to the kids, and she was always teaching them that no matter what, family would always be your support and that she had great expectations for all of them and that they could live up to those expectations because they had Gonzalez blood in them. My Brother and I, however, sometimes fell short of her expectations (especially when we were growing up) but she never put us down. Instead, she showed us love, compassion, and encouraged us to continue no matter what and persevere. She was an amazing woman full of life, and fun to be around. She was funny, intelligent, witty with a touch of sarcasm at times, and very proud of her heritage. However, if someone mistook her for being Mexican, she would rip into them like I remember my Wella Ripping into her Brothers and Sisters, a Bull charging the matador, and this Spanish Bull never lost. She was a member of the Red Hat Society and boy did she wear those hats proud, and that is why most people here today are wearing them. The hats were one of her favorite collection items, along with her shoes of course. She and Aunt Trina would travel across the states wearing these hats, and the most famous of all (as far as I am concerned) was the Bat Hat episode, which is posted on the collages. She was very patriotic and knew the constitution well, well enough to know when to scream at the TV when some politician was trying to get around it, especially Obama. She always inserted her views on politics, and those of you who were blessed to have her as a friend on Facebook saw that she wanted Obama impeached. She put a picture up one time on Facebook that said “I set the DVR to record the biggest loser and all I got was Obama’s press conference” Her wisdom was great, and what she learned throughout life she passed on to those she loved, and touch their hearts with pure joy. She was a dazzling woman with a painted face of beauty as only she could do, and the most stylish hats worn in sync with her dresses and shoes that gave her a sophisticated look that sometimes reminded me of the roaring twenties. She was married to Sean Connery, although He would not admit it because of the publicity he would get. She was the oldest of 10 children and her family was grounded in love. Her sisters grow up to be amazing woman and her brothers men of honor. However, from the stories I have told, there were some crazy times in the Gonzalez family, because at times this family became rambunctious, mischievous, and sure know how to have fun driving Wello and Walla crazy. I was told that they had fun growing up together; it showed by the way that they acted when they got together for a family function. They had some great and wild times living in the bricks and at 109 Carol Street. She did not want to go to the family reunion because she did not want to be seen this sick, and she was at the point where getting out was not an option anymore. It would have been too difficult for her. However, I know that if she were in good enough health to get there she would not have missed it for the world. One more chance to be with her sisters and brothers would have been the memory she needed, and a chance to reminisce about all those past years would have been a sweet taste of days gone by that one would hold close to the heart. Like I said, she was all about family, and she would have been there if she could have. Even though she argued with me about going, I could tell that she wanted to be there, just not in the condition she was in, and I do not blame her. My mom taught me the greatest lesson of my life two days before she passed. She called me over to her place while Matt was out of town to get her mail. However, she had something else in mind. I did too, but did not know it at the time. She handed me a beautiful and expensive pen and said, “This is for Father’s day”. I took it and we talked for a while. We ended up talking about what the afterlife is like, and I told her what I knew it to be like. I did not know it at the time, but I was giving her a message. A message that must have been what she needed to know that it was all right. If I had known, I would have never been able to give it to her. It was after this that she taught me my greatest lesson. She realized without a fraction of doubt that I was reluctant to use what I have been given, and she said to me that I had to stop being selfish and use what God has graciously given me in return for what he has done for me. I was amazed at her words because it was as if an angel had just spoken. Two days later, she went home. A few days after she had passed, I was holding that pen, and it dawned on me what she was telling me. She knew this was going to be our last meeting and with that pen she was saying “My son, write your own life, and write it well” In honor of my Mother, I will no longer be reluctant to use my gift, and I will write my life, and write it well. Thanks Mom, you are truly missed and in my heart and mind every day. Thank you for being my Mother, because there is no one better who could have filled your shoes and walked me this for in life. Your Son, Brian
Bill & Anna Mae Baker and family left a message on June 19, 2013:
We are so sorry for your loss, we will keep you in our prayers. We lived next door to them in the bricks. God bless you always
MaryAnn (Burkus) Karmazyn left a message on June 18, 2013:
We are very sorry for your loss. Sincerely, Mary Ann & Don Karmazyn
Vincent Patterson left a message on June 18, 2013:
Brian and Matt just a note to let you know we are thinking of you in your time of loss. Hope you are OK. You are in our prayer. Vince & Nancy
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sandy (medich) giordano left a message on June 18, 2013:
Your mom, sister, and grandma was a great friend. May she rest in peace. She'll be missed.
Trina Gonzalez left a message on June 17, 2013:
My sister always knew when it was time to leave. She never overstayed her welcome so it makes sense that she only stayed until the need to go home was foremost in her mind. K.T.Y.A.L.
Simpson Funeral Home left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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