Renina Justene Newton
August 31, 1987 - June 4, 2013
Shekinah Newton
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Shekinah Newton left a message on January 30, 2021:
A new world will bring us together once again....In memory of my little sister Nina
Stanzelle left a message on March 26, 2020:
Wake my mother up and get up and take her out please I won't to see her please any thing you could do how about 10000
Stanzelle left a message on March 26, 2020:
Wake my mother up and get up and take her out please I won't to see her please any thing you could do how about 10000
Stanzelle left a message on January 30, 2020:
That's my mother I love her she u to carry me and she usto snuggle I miss her I'm 11 years old I love her
Lashonda left a message on January 28, 2020:
In memory of Renina Justene Newton, Lashonda lit a candle
Planning ahead is prudent. Call us now.
Linda Curry-Newton left a message on June 29, 2019:
In memory of Renina Justene Newton, Linda Curry-Newton lit a candle
Shekinah Newton -Hammonds left a message on June 3, 2019:
Nina was really a true loving Mother, Sister, Friend, Aunt and Cousin . She cared and believed in everyone. She set goals for herself and reached them. She keep in contact with family and friends just because it was the right thing to do. She loved hard. I feel that each of my family members are special in every part and in there own way but Nina's leaving left us with a reminder and example we should always follow and that's to love hard....We Love You Nina Always & Forever
Shekinah Newton-Hammonds left a message on June 14, 2017:
I the air is so different...the music on the radio isn't the same..the sun shines so dim and the sky seems to be filled with a lot of tears ....the times moving fast but I'm stuck in the time zone of 2013... Everyday I quietly cry myself to sleep and I quietly wake up in tears cause my heart doesn't beat the same like it use to...I believe in Jehovah word's when he say's he's gonna bring you and many other's back because he never breaks a promise and his word is never wrong it's just the day's are hard to live through and emptiness is everywhere since you've been gone....I love you Nina and that will never go away
India left a message on December 12, 2013:
Onmy Grind Formineposted toBackwardzbell Rose December 12, 2012 A Poem to Christian...... Dear little Nephew, today you are three, you already have stalkers and yes including your auntie. Hope you have a growth spurt this year, because you are just a little short and by the time we know it, you'll be playing all sorts of sports. You’re such a handsome guy With your baby mustache And big toddler brown eyes You adorable thing I love you so much But if you punch me again Im gonna kick your butt. As if I can catch you You move so fast The only thing I will be able to do Is get hit and laugh I know today you are three But I think that’s a lie Sometimes you speak to us Like you are 25 Today is your birthday So enjoy your day I miss your punches Im on my way. Love your Auntie Nina
Lasheena Newton left a message on November 14, 2013:
I miss and think about Nina everyday, I cry for my sister more than often, more than what is to be "the normal" for grieving. I am saddened by this everyday. While i am trying to LIVE for Nina, I cannot help but to allow parts of me to die because she is not here. Nina hasn't called me in 5 months and that is not like her. I am still so distraught and i know that i will never be right again. At least not until the new world comes and i am able to see Nina again. I love you my sister, sleep tight. I don't think I'm too far behind.
Tissha left a message on August 31, 2013:
When we were kids, some of us would call the edges of the bread “Labels”. this is something that has stayed with us even into adulthood. One day I was on the phone with Nina and she was telling me “how grown” Turtle (Ryan to those who don’t know) was. She said how he be making sandwiches by himself. Turtle asked her if she wanted a sandwich (I think he was about to make himself one, or had just made himself one). Anyway, she said yes and thank you. As he grabbed two pieces of bread for her, she quickly said “no! I don’t want that piece”. (I laughed because I automatically knew which piece she was talking about because I don’t like, never grab/eat that piece neither) She said “give me a different piece of bread and throw that one in the garbage” she said how it’s alot of bread left and how they’re not starving so it's ok to throw that piece of bread away. (this girl had me rolling, you had to hear the way she was saying all of this). She said “that aint nothing but one big label” and told him again to throw it away. Lol this girl had me crying on the phone it was so funny. It was more funny to me because I thought I was the only one who didn’t outgrow calling the edges of the bread “labels” so to see that she still did was so funny. And then to describe that piece of bread in that way was hilarious, I would have never thought of describing that piece of bread as a label but she did and was absolutely right because it does look like one big label. I love that girl.
Tissha left a message on August 31, 2013:
Nina and I were in the room one night. She was ordering some Chinese food for us. She gave her order (although she was unsure of what she really wanted), then she gave mine; some chicken wings and French fries. She changed her order (I don’t remember what she ordered. it’s irrelevant anyway) and then changed it again. When she was certain that the order she had just placed was the one she really wanted, she had the Chinese lady repeat the order to her. The next thing I know, Nina start mocking the Chinese lady saying “chicken wings and French fries.” lol (not on purpose though) she said it to the Chinese lady in a Chinese accent lol. We both looked at each other with a “oh my goodness!” face, and she quickly hung up on the lady. She and I laughed sooo hard and sooo long about what had just happened. I told her I‘m glad she didn’t give our address yet because that lady would have probably delivered the food personally and brought a side of beat down with her. Funny girl, funny woman, I miss that part of my funny bone. PS. She either called a different Chinese store or the same one and apologized before reordering. We got our food though.
Tissha left a message on August 31, 2013:
I remember sitting outside of a Seattle library while talking to Nina on the phone. She was telling me about one of her first encounters with one of those “strong and scary” Pennsylvania spiders. She told me how she was cleaning up one afternoon (or morning, I can’t remember), and there was an apple on the floor. Someone had taken a bite or two out of the apple and threw it on the floor. As she swept the floor, she noticed the apple had “a big piece of hair on it". Now Nina couldn’t remember losing that much hair (from combing, brushing etc.), nor could she remember even doing her hair upstairs. Where did this much hair come from? she thought. She moved in closely to examine the Apple and saw big legs. Her eyes then allowed her to see the actual body of the spider which made her jump back. I can’t remember if she said she poured some bleach on the spider covered apple, or if she threw something at it, but in any case, the spider ran away and hid behind her table (I think it was a table). She said this was a “smart spider” because she moved the table (or whatever it was) out of the way while holding on to the broom and the spider began backing up slowly with the movement of the table (or whatever it was). She said the spider made her mad because it was trying to trick her lol. We laughed and I told her I shouldn’t be hearing that story because it was going to make me even more paranoid. I let her finish her story and it ended with her killing the spider. I don’t remember how, I just know she got the sucker! She and I were happy with the outcome because it meant not having to worry about any of them getting bit by that sucker so here's to "The Champ". I love you baby.
Tissha left a message on August 31, 2013:
I remember me and Keena was inside of family dollar when this little girl (like 8 or 9 years old) kept coming over towards me trying to play or something. I think i was telling her to shut up because she and like a million other kids in that store were acting up! Anyway, she kept smiling at me and trying to close in on me. I tried to shoe her away but it's like she wouldn't leave. Her mother called her and she ran away. It wasn't till she ran away that I realized she looked like Nina when Nina was a little girl lol. I told Keena and Keena agreed after she saw the little girl's face. It was the funniest thing. The little girl got away from her mother and ran back in my direction and began smiling in my face again. I was cracking up because that girl looked exactly like Nina when Nina was little! She had the smile and everything. I tried to take out my phone and snap a pic of her so I could send it to Nina (because I knew Nina wouldn't believe me if I told her). When I got my phone out, the little girl had ran towards her mother who had called her from one of the other aisles. Later on that day, I called Nina and told her who Keena and I had seen and she didn't believe that we saw a little girl who looked exactly like her lol. It was so funny. I don't think Nina wanted to accept the fact that some little girl looked exactly like her. Or maybe she just thought that we were trying to play her but we weren't. Nina and that little girl looked just alike, they could've passed for twins.... And speaking of twins
Tissha left a message on August 31, 2013:
I remember one time me, Nina and Keena were leaving from the gas station when we noticed a crackhead dressed like Nina lol. They were wearing the same colors (white and black I think). It looked like they had the same design in their shirt and all. They were dressed like twins. The only big difference in their gear was that Nina didn't have a black cowboy hat like the crackhead. I tried telling the crackhead from the window that she and Nina were dressed alike and she couldn't hear/understand me so Nina got out of the car and told the lady what I was trying to say. They saw that they were dressed alike, laughed, and gave each other a hug lol. It was so funny, we were cracking up in that car. I took pictures and only wish I had held on to them. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one in the family who does crazy things like hug crackheads lol.
Linda left a message on August 27, 2013:
Oh! the joy Jehovah brings me. Just to think, Nina is not only in my loving memory, but Jehovah's as well. My tears are drying even now. Jesus whispers in my ears, shush, and I begin to smile and think about holding you in my arms. Sleep now my little one. For you deserve rest from this troubled world. You surely have the prize. I hope to get it too. I will certainly be right there when you wake up. My love is undying for you like every mother has for her beloved child. We will all be there, Jehovah, Jesus, the angels, and all those faithful including me. He's taking the pain away, but not your memory. Love you always Linda Curry-Mommy
India left a message on August 12, 2013:
I remember we were watching the movie the help and you started laughing at the lady when she fed the other lady the pie. Your laugh was so loud and funny I couldn't help but laugh at you. I always remember you saying "help don't need help." I can't get that saying out of my head. I can't stop seeing your face everyday in my mind as if you are still here. I never thought I'd be sharing stories about you like this. you were the greatest gift a girl could have and I miss you so much. Nina when you left a chunk of me left too. I don't even know who I am anymore. I'm all alone in this new place without you. You're presence is everywhere. I miss you so much. I just wish I could hug you again. maybe even take one last funny photo like we used to. I love you to pieces..........INDIA a.k.a HONEBEAR/SUGARBEAR LOLOLOL. You always laughed when I was mistakened for a sugarbear lol
India left a message on August 12, 2013:
I remember we were in the mall and these boys were calling me a man lol. they said I was a man dressed up as a woman and they were laughing about it. They kept being rude to us and you just got fed up with it. You went and grabbed the janitors mop, walked over to the boys and threatened to strike them with it if they didn't stop harassing us. LOL We laughed about it for days. it was so funny. I miss you silly girl. There will never be another like you. I love you
India left a message on August 12, 2013:
I remember when we went in walmart after sneaking to applebees lol and we were trying on rings. We were at the jewelry counter just talking away until we noticed that my keys were gone. We were extremely tipsy so we weren't thinking straight. we looked high and low in walmart for those keys and could not find them anywhere. We even had them do an overhead page on the store to see if someone else had seen the keys but still nothing. We started Hoola hooping with the unpaid for hoola hoops hahahaa and got caught by walmart staff but they didn't say anything lol. We finally found my keys buried in walmart pillows and went home. We ended up buying those rings to. I have your ring and my ring now and I just can't help but cry everytime I look at them. I miss you so much. it just makes my heart hurt.
India left a message on August 12, 2013:
Nina, I remember when you first showed me sweet brown's video "ain't nobody got time for that." HAHAHAHA girl we was crying for the longest. I told you that I hated you for showing me that mess hahahahaha. You had my stomach hurting from crying. I couldn't even take it. We just had a blast. I told you that of course it would be you to watch that crazy stuff lol. You were one of a kind.
Planning ahead is prudent. Call us now.
Shekinah Newton left a message on August 1, 2013:
I remember when we had a cookout on hedden terrace and you was showing us how you made your hotdogs and pulled out the lettuce,tomatoes, relish ect.I started lol cause I didnt realize you made your burgers like the fast food spots...It was funny cause when I offered you bbq sauce you waved your hand and said NO THANK YOU lol....It got even more crazy when you sat under the tree in the chair and the bird gave you a surprise of his own we laughed for hours when that happened... I cant wait until we get moments like this again cause you were the best LOVE YOU
stanzelle ruth left a message on July 27, 2013:
i miss you so much i miss the things we shared and had and we laughed. you were my finace and my baby mother and best friend. I can't wait to see you again in the new world i will marry you and kidd you and tell you how much i miss you. you was the best to i ever had around 7 years and its not gone yet because im still with you and i always going to be there. and we will rise together on day and be great with each other in the new world and laugh and smile. I wish you were here right now so i can hold you and talk to you i want you back in my arms forever god can you please bring her back pleade i really need her she is my love. I want to see her one more time please. im crying right now please i just want her back.
Shonda left a message on July 19, 2013:
Hey Nina I miss you so much word can't describe I will forever love you as my sister and best friend I will always keep you alive in my heart I know you watching over everyone and protecting them because that's what you did with all your family and close friends is protect them I watched you grow into this intelligent strong woman that wasn't scared to live life to the fullest and you had the softest heart and the hardest punch Nina just know that I will always love you and miss you unconditionally rest peacefully sis
Jigga left a message on June 26, 2013:
My deepest sorrows for you and your family. It's crazy, because I just was emailing you on FB asking you how to find a good publishing company and such, then 3 days later literally, you are snatched from this earth. I hope that when you were alive I got to tell you how much of a talented writer you were. Like Tissha said, you were funny. When I look at your children's pictures, I see you in them and it's pure beauty. RIP Nina, Sincerely, Jigga
Tissha left a message on June 26, 2013:
I hate that fact that you're gone. I wanna speak to you. I wanna hear your sarcastic comments or just the funny things you would say. I miss how we would be on the phone and the kids would be in the background driving you crazy. I would laugh at you and tell you that I laugh at India when her kids drive her crazy as well lol. Just like I was telling India, I talk and think about you all the time, it's like I'm in love with you or something lol (I'm not though lol). You are my sister and that's it lol. I love you Nina, so much. I'm so sorry this happened to you.
Lasheena Newton left a message on June 26, 2013:
Nina told me that when we were little, I threw salt in her eyes lol. She said that I told her to close her eyes and once she closed them, I poured some salt on a spoon and told her to open her eyes. The moment she opened them, I took the spoonful of salt and flung it in her face and the salt got inside her eyes. This story was so funny to me (she laughed as well) and I have always denied it, and told her she dreamed it. To this day, I still do not know if I really threw salt in her eyes, nor do i know if i have apologized to her for it so Nina, i am so sorry. Nina, when you open your eyes again, I won't throw any salt in them. I will most likely throw my lips at, on, and inside of them lol. I love you my sister. I always will.
India Newton left a message on June 24, 2013:
When we were little nina taught me how to make pancakes. She said you mix a lot of batter with a little bit of water and there is going to be a pancake fiesta. :). I used to sit and let my legs swing off the deep freezer as I watched her make pancakes and the day that I attempted to make some on my own she was right there to help me. We ate those pancakes and all I can remember hearing her say was, " I won't always be around to make pancakes for you so you have to learn on your own." I know how to make pancakes, eggs, chicken, vegetables, cereal lol and many other dishes because of this beautiful woman even though at the time she was a beautiful girl. I Love you nina. You are a GEM.
India left a message on June 24, 2013:
I love you nina. I miss you so much. No one can understand the pain I feel now that you are gone. I will forever remember you. I LLOOOVVVEEEE You to pieces.
Towanna left a message on June 24, 2013:
Nina,,,you're the best! I LOVE YOU SO were just the sweetest,,,,,,,Losing you was like losing a daughter. I will always love and cherish you baby girl. Your aunty Towanna
Simpson Funeral Home left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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